Dual training at Zolend Ltd

Dual training is the highest form of training practice-oriented professionals, and it is based on the close co-operation of higher education institutes and industrial companies.

In this form of training, students admitted to university can start their practical training alongside their academic studies. Therefore, after completing the training course, these students can enter the job market with site experience and practical skills.

Zolend Ltd started co-operation with the Faculty of Science and Technology, Debrecen University in September 2016. With this, our company provides a possibility for students majoring in bio-engineering to participate in a higher level dual training program.

Besides practical competence and the possibility to improve, students who have completed our dual training program may even acquire a job at Zolend Ltd after graduation.

How to apply:

  • You must apply to the chosen major in the central registration system, and you have to achieve the number of points necessary for admission.
  • You must apply to Zolend Ltd by sending a short CV with a cover letter to zolend@zolend.hu .
  • You will be admitted to the dual training program if you pass both the company and the university entrance exam.

For further information please contact:
Ágnes Sólyomné Pápai
E-mail: zolend@zolend.hu
You can read about dual training on www.dualisdiploma.hu

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