Since the establishment of our medium-sized company in 2009 we have become the supplier of large companies in chemical industry, food industry, oil and car industry, and energetics. Our activities include the general implementation of complete technological and engineering systems, as well as the design, manufacturing, installation, site assembly and maintenance of the tailor-made appliances these systems consist of. Besides, we offer consultancy and the preparation of technical drawings, and we reconstruct and modernize old and out-of-date appliances according to the latest technologies available. In co-operation with our partners, we also accomplish control technology work and electric work. Our services are available irrespective of each other.

We manufacture a wide range of products – filter systems, conveyors, pressure vessels, tanks, separators, heat exchangers, piping systems and mixing units, to mention only the most significant ones.

Our head office is in Debrecen, East Hungary. Our 4000 square metre site is equipped with the up-to-date machines (laser cutters, bending machines, etc.) needed for the fabrication of the designed appliances. The coating workshop, where the surface treatment and the powder coating of the manufactured parts are done, operates in a different site. We can expand our manufacturing capacity flexibly, according to the demands. The people working in our sites, i.e. welders, pipe fitters, locksmiths, machine operators, polishers and electricians, have a significant amount of experience in fabrication. Our team of engineers is adept in all engineering work, from quotations to site supervision. Our well-qualified and well-equipped assembly team installs and maintains the fabricated appliances under the control of our supervisors, who have foreign language skills.

Zolend Ltd. possesses all the licenses and certifications necessary for production and distribution. We also have general product, employer, service and liability insurance.

Apart from Hungary, we are present with our products and services in many, industrially significant countries in the world (the USA, France, the Netherlands, Finland, Russia, China, etc.). As a sister company of the Hungarian Zolend Ltd, the company named Zolend UK operates in the United Kingdom (, the head office of which is located in Rugeley, West Midlands. In order to make the arrangements of projects in German-speaking areas more easily, in 2014 we set up an office in Germany, as well.

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